Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Carpet extractors are used to clean a variety of surfaces including large areas of commercial carpet that see high foot traffic, high-end rugs that hold value and necessitate frequent carpet cleaning and even car interiors that can see wear and tear over time.  Often times a hot water carpet extractor may provide the added energy and effort needed for a deep cleaning.

Powr-Flite carpet extractors can maintain heat ranges up to 210°F which provide enough heat to truly penetrate tough spots in carpet. This happens by using the energy from the heated water to break down chemicals and compounds that make up a particular stain. The heat is able to use that energy to break apart those particles then allowing the carpet extractor to then suck up and extract that water, solution and dirt leaving a newly clean carpet behind. By leveraging heat in your cleaning process you are able to do heavy jobs quicker than using cold water carpet extractors. This provides a better overall product but also gives efficiency to the process of cleaning. It simply can take less time to clean using hot water than cold water.
Powr-Flite utilizes its Perfect Heat system to maintain the hottest water temperature possible. This exclusive system gives extractor operators the opportunity get the full benefit of heat in the extraction process. Then end result is a carpet extractor that maximizes all available tools to provide you with the cleanest carpets possible.

To learn more about Powr-Flite and Perfect Heat Carpet Extractors visit www.Powr-Flite.com.

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